Chimney Corner USA Built in 1928 & located in the Heart of the Appalachia's in Fayette County, where Rt 60 and 16 meet
  • Crumble Candle


    • 16 oz. Scented Wax Crumble Jar Candles 
    • Scented Wax Crumbles and Whipped Wax have been incorporated together to make this very unique Jar Candle . 
    • You will love to watch it burn as all colors flow together.
    • It will arrive with a black jar lid and a brown craft scent label. 
    • Burn time is approximately 30 hrs.
    • Burn your candle until the entire top of the candle has liquefied. This will ensure an even burn and no tunneling!! 
    • Keep away from drafts, fans and as always keep out of reach of children and pets.