Chimney Corner USA Built in 1928 & located in the Heart of the Appalachia's in Fayette County, where Rt 60 and 16 meet

The Civil War in Fayette County West Virginia by Tim McKinney


The Civil War of Fayette County West Virginia by Tim McKinney

In mountain warfare the learning of the books and of the strategists is of little use.  In a country where it is impossible to find enough level land to muster a company of militia, there is very little scope for ingeniously studied military evolutions or consummately arranged plans of campaign on paper.  It is impossible for the books to embrace the thousand topographical features of a wild region, where all nature seems drunk and the hills and mountains in high frolic.  The only rule of warfare in such a region is to throw away all rule.  The policy there is to fight and march, to march and fight.  Ingenious ink and paper plans of campaign are about as useless in the region about the big Sewell Mountain as a McCormick's reaper in a mountain wheat "field".  Technical generalship in a mountain campaign is as much out of place as the Great Eastern steamer would be on the Gauley River.  The great requisites of an army fit for mountain warfare are good legs and plenty of ammunition.  The best general for such an army is he who will keep them most actively on the march and most constantly loading and firing.  Physical exertion is the great thing in mountain warfare; the refined strategy of science can have no play.  

  • From the Richmond Dispatch  September 25, 1861